I’m excited to share a new service with you all.  There are always new bells and whistles in the cosmetic and skin care communities to play with,  but it isn’t often that I come across something entirely new.   However, I’ve long wanted to offer a lash treatment that takes less time and maintenance than extensions and offers a more natural look.

Solution: The Lash Lift!

This service takes about 45 minutes from start to finish.  The upper lash line is combed back over a silicon shield placed on the eyelid using a bit of gentle adhesive. Once they are secured in place, a trio of solutions that permanently curl, set, and condition are applied to your lashes. The result is a lovely, darkly curled fringe that you wake up to every day for up to eight weeks! Including the lash tint, this service is priced at only $65.00

- Kimberley

Lash Lift

Lovings Salon